Loyalty Program

Looking for a way to increase your repeat business, reward good customers and sell more products? Look no further than The U.S. Bankcard Center’s loyalty reward programs.

  • Drive repeat business
  • Increase customer retention
  • Generate frequent visits
  • Boost product awareness
  • Track customer buying habits
  • Create effective targeted marketing

Keeping customers is critical to any businesses success.  With USBC’s loyalty programs, merchants are ensured customers will return for repeat business.  Our programs add value to your company by helping you build a wider customer base and increased spending. Plus loyalty programs keep your customers coming back more often since the more customers buy from you, the faster they accumulate points toward a loyalty program reward.

How It Works:

Let say you own a coffee shop and you want to reward your loyal customers. Instead of offering a free coffee with every 10 bought, offer them a non-beverage reward for something they may not always buy such as 30% off of a pastry. Chances are your customer will buy the coffee anyway but they might try the muffin. A reward of $1.50 off a $4.50 muffin has the same value to the consumer as a cup of coffee, yet generates an extra sale for you while introducing the consumer to your other products.