Line of Credit

In addition to a cash advance or term loans, US BankCard Center offers merchants a business line of credit. When a business has an open line of credit, they have immediate access to funds with the added help of flexibility.

A line of credit has no fixed payment terms and an adjustable interest rate. In addition, lines of credit for businesses are far more flexible than traditional bank loans and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  A line of credit is the ideal choice for merchants who might not have an immediate need for a lump sum but feel secure knowing the money is there to draw upon whenever they need it.  Merchants can use a business line of credit at any time up to the total predetermined amount.  Business lines of credit need no collateral and minimal paperwork.

Contact US BankCard Center today to find out how much money you are qualified for.  Our professional funding specialists can help you decide how much money you need and which alternative funding program is right for your business.